Summer of Bustier Tops

This season is all about bustier tops. The term “bustier” has taken on a completely new meaning, from something more risque than fashion forward, to a totally wearable wardrobe essential for this summer. Not only do these tops make the “girls” (ehem) look great, but their tight nature also helps suck you in a bit and creates smoother lines. This may not be the best trend to rock at an event where lots of beer and food is going to be consumed, but we all suffer a little for fashion sometimes, right?

Here are some of my favorite looks:

I am really into pairing a bustier top with high waisted denim shorts. I adore wearing grunge with a feminine twist, so you can bet this will be one of my go-to outfits this summer.

A more traditional bustier top can be played down by adding modern, on-trend additions. These tribal print, high waisted shorts give the outfit a fashion forward flare, while still covering the belly area to keep the look chic rather than promiscuous.

I know, I know. This Mara Hoffman bustier top is to die for. Despite it’s teensy size, it’s possible to keep this look high fashion by simply being mindful of proportions. If you have very little on top, add more on the bottom. That’s why a maxi is the perfect addition.

Last but not least – a full skirted bustier dress is another great way to play with proportions. I find this look to be particularly flattering on my body type, because I’m bigger on top than on bottom. The fitted top creates a clean shape, while the full skirt gives the illusion that I have more of an hourglass figure than I actually do. This shape is also great for girls who lack curves, or have more of an athletic build.



Chanel can be Boho, too!

I should probably be sleeping. I completed a culminating assignment in one sitting today, on my floor, surrounded by clothes, soil (one of my hanging plants fell), my bunny hopping all over me, and all of my pillows (5 to be exact). Now I am completely finished with the class that the assignment was for, which is such a relief, because it was online, and online classes aren’t really my thing (I rely on participation and silliness probably too often…). BUT ANYWAY, here is just my final thought before my fried brain slips into slumber.

The universes have aligned – it’s Chanel, in boho! I’m not sure if this would be as easy to pull off as it looks in this photo, but damn, do I wish I had the chance to try. The lace shirt really does me in, I’m obsessed. Anyway, I am finished with academia (possibly forever…) on Wednesday! This is all too weird. I have presentations tomorrow and Wednesday, and an exam Tuesday. Three more “to do”s. Where did  the past 4 years go? I’ll try to keep the posts coming through the final stretch! xoxo

Going Backless

It’s no surprise that Spring 2012 is all about the open back. Models seem to have no problem rocking this look, but what about the rest of us? I recently purchased this backless bra. It has adhesive to prevent slippage, and you can even trim the tabs (there are lines for guidance) for a custom fit. I haven’t tried it yet, as spring has not yet fully sprung here in Vermont, but I am hoping for good things.

I’m curious, what are some of your tips and tricks for wearing backless fashion?


Glitter nails – no or go?

Pinterest has proven to be my new favorite social media tool. Not only is it a great way to find new products, recipes, and pictures that I would never find otherwise, it has also given me resources and inspiration for tons of beauty tricks. Any of you who spend time pinning know that there is no shortage of nail-polish pictures floating around. One of the most prominent trends I’ve been noticing is glitter nail polish.



I think it’s cute, but I can’t help but wonder if this is one of those trends that I am going to look back on in a few months and wonder, “why did I do that?”. My boyfriend seems to think that I’m trying to relive my pre-teen days via my nails, but personally, I think the impermanent nature of nail polish allows room for some playfulness. I’m curious – what do you all think about the glitter nail fad? Is it a go, or a no?


Asymmetrical: The hi lo fad

About a year ago I took a jersey circle scarf, synched it in the back, added a few stitches, and voila! I had myself an asymmetrical tube dress. I put it on one night to go out, and one of my best friends complimented me on it. I explained to her that I felt kind of weird in it, since it was a hemline that [at the time] was basically unheard of. She reassured me by saying that it was a huge trend in Australia (she had studied abroad in Queensland), and the girls there were wearing it everywhere from class to nights out. Well, fast forward a few months to Spring 2012 fashion, and here we are – seeing the hi lo hemline all over. There are so many ways to rock this look, and I am loving all of them.

There is the classic asymmetrical dress. A short dress with a soft, charming dip in the back. This look is perfect for girls who don’t commit much to trends, and those who are less adventurous when it comes to wearing bold fashion. It’s also perfect for, well, pretty much anybody.

Then there is the edgier approach to asymmetry: wearing it on the side. This makes a louder statement, but can still be as soft or as hard as you choose to make the look. I like this because it adds an extra element of drama to an outfit, as well as a bit of sex appeal and mystery. Keep the hair simple if you choose to go with this look.

Another option is the flouncy asymmetrical skirt. This girly approach to the trend is so fun, and almost ethereal. I can’t help but think of a [super stylish] fairy when I come across this look. Styling the asymmetrical skirt can be kept super sweet, or made more daring by wearing a bustier on top.

There are a ton of designers integrating a range of asymmetrical hemlines into their spring collections, so finding the right style for you shouldn’t be too difficult. If you are having trouble finding something you like, feel free to contact me. I have a wide array of resources and would be happy to help. xoxo

Trend Watch: Statement Necklaces

I’ve always had a thing for oversized jewelry. If you haven’t picked up on this by now, I love to accessorize, a lot! Statement necklaces have been popping up all over recently, and even though necklaces are actually my least favorite jewelry item to indulge in (I usually just find one that blends with my outfit, or don’t wear one at all), I can’t help but be swept up in the statement necklace wave myself. I bought this turquoise necklace from JCrew, and I can’t wait to pair it with a black romper and some cognac wedges!

When wearing a statement necklace remember these simple rules:

1) Keep the rest of the outfit basic. If you have a million other things going on, it will overwhelm the look. I suggest plain colored fabrics, but if you do want to go for a print, think about doing a simple stripe. Nothing too busy. Also, don’t overdo the makeup. The eye won’t know what to focus on if it’s torn between your tricolor eyeshadow and the bold jewels sitting right beneath your head. My personal favorite makeup look to pair this trend with is top eyeliner (maybe with a little wing), and a little mascara on top and bottom.

2) Include other accessories with a critical eye. If you’re wearing a statement necklace, it is probably not the day to wear your scarf headband, chunky bangles, or have your fingers filled with rings. I do think a simple, skinny headband could work, a couple bangles, and maybe one ring on each hand (or just one oversized ring, if you have to – the proportions could compliment those of the necklace, just make sure the styles compliment each other).

3) Experiment with color. If you are ready to make a bold fashion decision, go all the way! This spring it’s all about color, color, color! From neons to pastels, there is sure to be a statement necklace that enables you to either take a fashion risk, or stay in your comfort zone. Adding color on your neck will brighten your eyes, and draw attention to your best quality – your face!

Happy experimenting, xoxo

Who am I, and why should you be taking fashion advice from me?

Well, I’m not going to sit here and say that I am god’s gift to the fashion world, but I DO know how to make a girl look good. I think that women spend too much time competing with each other, when we should be focusing our energy on EMPOWERING each other, aka, making sure we all look damn fine. I’m not going to pretend that I’m not the girl who sees a friend out in the same BB Dakota dress that I just bought last weekend and doesn’t get totally annoyed, but you can bet that I will also be the first one to compliment her on her obviously fabulous taste and suggest a pair of platforms that would make the look to die for.

I am the girl who needs to look her best to feel her best. I don’t consider myself shallow, and I certainly don’t judge someone who doesn’t care much about his or her appearance, but for me, every opportunity is a fashion opportunity. There is nothing better than strolling around downtown and feeling great about how you look.

I am also the girl who loves comfort. A lot of my fashion choices (but certainly not all) are based around comfort and practicality. No matter what I’m doing, I like to feel and look good doing it. Even if it’s just lounging around my apartment, I always take that extra minute to make sure my hair isn’t in a rat’s nest, and maybe even put it in a cute messy bun or add a braid. When you look good, you feel good – bottom line.