Summer of Bustier Tops

This season is all about bustier tops. The term “bustier” has taken on a completely new meaning, from something more risque than fashion forward, to a totally wearable wardrobe essential for this summer. Not only do these tops make the “girls” (ehem) look great, but their tight nature also helps suck you in a bit and creates smoother lines. This may not be the best trend to rock at an event where lots of beer and food is going to be consumed, but we all suffer a little for fashion sometimes, right?

Here are some of my favorite looks:

I am really into pairing a bustier top with high waisted denim shorts. I adore wearing grunge with a feminine twist, so you can bet this will be one of my go-to outfits this summer.

A more traditional bustier top can be played down by adding modern, on-trend additions. These tribal print, high waisted shorts give the outfit a fashion forward flare, while still covering the belly area to keep the look chic rather than promiscuous.

I know, I know. This Mara Hoffman bustier top is to die for. Despite it’s teensy size, it’s possible to keep this look high fashion by simply being mindful of proportions. If you have very little on top, add more on the bottom. That’s why a maxi is the perfect addition.

Last but not least – a full skirted bustier dress is another great way to play with proportions. I find this look to be particularly flattering on my body type, because I’m bigger on top than on bottom. The fitted top creates a clean shape, while the full skirt gives the illusion that I have more of an hourglass figure than I actually do. This shape is also great for girls who lack curves, or have more of an athletic build.



Statement Shorts

One of the hugest trends for this upcoming summer is statement shorts. Whether it is tie-dye, tribal print, or lace, denim shorts are no longer just the essential addition to an outfit with a really cute top, but are now taking the stage themselves! Here are some of my favorite looks.

Although studs aren’t really my thing, I do adore the not-too-over the top tie-dye and distressing. This would look super cute with a feminine yet trendy bustier on top.

Tribal printed shorts. This trend is all over this season. Tone down the bold print with a simple tank or oversized tee on top. This leaves a lot of room to play with jewelry! You can either take the natural route, or glam it up with bright metals.

Lace detailing leaves so much room for creativity! You can either keep this look soft by playing into the femininity of the lace, or make it edgy by going off of the distressed detailing that comes along with most denim shorts. I love the idea of mixing hard and soft, and obviously this look would be perfect topped off with a pair of Jeffrey Campbells.


A Woman with Good Shoes is Never Ugly – Coco Chanel

The best purchase I’ve made in a while.


Yay, my first PERSONAL photograph. I promise the rest will be better quality – this was just spontaneously taken on my iPhone. Compliments to Jeffrey Campbell (as always) and Stella-Mae (the most fabulous boutique in Burlington, that I have the honor of working at). This style is called Virgo. Today is the first day I wore them around town and they’ve already broken in. Trust me, I don’t strut around in sky high heels, wedges, platforms, whatever, unless they are pain-free . This is something Jeffrey has mastered – style without compromising comfort.

I’ll say it again, A Woman with Good Shoes is Never Ugly.

More personal pictures to come, xoxo

Dresses, rompers, and shorts – oh my!

Hi everybody! Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, there was A LOT going on, and my fingers haven’t touched my precious laptop in days. Anyway, I did a lot of spring shopping the other day (after consignment of course – out with the old in with the new), and not only got a graduation dress, but a ton of other summer essentials as well. Everything from Dolce Vita, Jeffrey Campbell (i’m pretty predictable when it comes to that), Jack by BB Dakota, Cheap Monday, and even Roxy have been introduced to their new friends that hang in my closet. I really want to post some personal pictures of my new purchases, and how I plan to wear them, which has always been my intention with this blog. However, my lost camera has not allowed for this until now, since it has been found and returned!

So hang tight – some new goodies are on their way, xoxo

White for Spring!

Yes, it’s risky. 90% of the time I walk out of the house in my cute white blouse, I come home and do laundry. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I’m not super excited to put my white jeans on again this spring. Nothing is more festive for the warmer weather, and it makes a tan pop! Needless to say, I’ll be stocking up on detergent this season.

Here are some of my favorite white looks

white dress with colored accent belt

white on white (love the loose, off the shoulder look)

white maxi, so beachy!

little black white dress (and festive tan chanel)

white with pops of color (and a cute dog)

Some tips for wearing white:

1. Look before you sit down! A dirty butt is not cute, and usually the thing you don’t find out about until someone tells you (extra embarrassing).

2. Keep an instant stain remover on you at all times.

3. Don’t wait! It’s best to tackle a stain immediately (use seltzer if you don’t have a stain remover), then wash when you get home. Letting the stain sit and seep into the fabric means you run the risk of permanently staining your garment, and nobody wants to have to pull out the bleach…

tell me, how do you plan on wearing white this season?


I’m obsessed: Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell has been my favorite shoe designer from the moment I first discovered him a few years back. The brand is great because they offer such a wide range of styles, catering to everyone from the edgier punkish fashionista to the preppyish girl going to lunch. I personally find myself on the safer side of JC’s creations, but I love the little details that make his designs just a little more special than your average shoe.

Information on JC is extremely hard to find. I had to e-mail someone within the company to get only the teensiest bit of info, because they purposely don’t put it out there. 

Here’s the scoop:


JC was started out of a small garage in LA in 2000. It began as a small, family run company, and despite world wide recognition and acclaim, remains so to this day. The JC Team creates footwear that combines fun shapes, insane prints, and outlandish combinations with on-trend colors and materials, season after season. Although primarily based in LA, there are satellite offices in NY and Spain. Despite the massive success, JC continues to be operated out of a garage. Oh, and yes, there is an actual Jeffrey Campbell designing shoes, but good luck finding a picture of him. Guess a little mystery and incredible designs are the perfect recipe for success. Shop on JC girls!


Going Backless

It’s no surprise that Spring 2012 is all about the open back. Models seem to have no problem rocking this look, but what about the rest of us? I recently purchased this backless bra. It has adhesive to prevent slippage, and you can even trim the tabs (there are lines for guidance) for a custom fit. I haven’t tried it yet, as spring has not yet fully sprung here in Vermont, but I am hoping for good things.

I’m curious, what are some of your tips and tricks for wearing backless fashion?