Not only do I think Vanessa Hudgens is just simply beautiful, I also adore her style. This is not only because she rocks boho chic quite often, but because she is petite like me, and not stick thin. Let’s face it – most of the time we look at clothes (except for at a store), we are looking at them on rail thin, 6 ft tall women. If your body is shaped like this naturally, good for you. But mine is certainly not, and I don’t actually know anybody who’s is. So, for all those petite ladies out there (i’m only 5’0 without heels – yes, I’m very tiny!), lets all take a tip or two from V. Hudg…

-Casual but trendy. Smaller girls need to be careful with super high boots/socks, so the best way to balance it out? Short shorts! The denim and low-key olive green jacket helps this look stay classy rather than trashy. 

-Oversized and slouchy is one of my favorite looks. I always joke that I love to wear oversized things because I’m so small. But you know what, it does work. Keep your eye on length and proportions and your good to go.

-I love that Vanessa rocks maxis even though she is petite. I do the same, and I don’t care if it’s not what low quality fashion magazines tell us is okay, I think it looks fine if the dress/skirt fits properly. I own that shirt (Jen’s Pirate Booty), and love pairing it with a flowy skirt such as this one. Boho chic at it’s finest!

-Nothing lengthens your legs like some good old high waisted pants. I like that she chooses a wide leg, so that the proportions work (I’ve said it once, and I’m saying it again – proportions, proportions, proportions!). Be mindful of what you wear on top, because high waist means a shorter torso.

Good luck to all my fellow shorties out there! xoxo