My Favorite New Accessory: Hamsa Bracelet

I would like to thank The Nautical Wheeler for providing me with a beautiful new bracelet, perfect for stacking or wearing alone. Not only are the designs unique, versatile, and handmade, but they are also totally affordable. I purchased this Hamsa Bracelet in gold (silver is also available), and there is also a black version if blue isn’t for you. Thank you Jen, from The Nautical Wheeler once again! Here are some ways I plan on wearing this new addition to my jewelry collection:

Looks great on it’s own

Stacked with wooden and antique beads for a boho style

Stacked with gold and druzy for a glam style



Stacked Bracelets: How much is too much?

So here I am, going off on another Pinterest rant. I can’t lie, every time I see one of those pictures of bangles, watches, and shiny jewels all stacked miles high, the only thing I can think is “WHERE CAN I GET ALL OF THESE?!?!?”

However, I was playing around at work with our jewelry today (we have everything from bangles, to stretchy beaded bracelets, to leather cuffs), and I attempted to emulate some of my favorite Pinterest photos. I felt so accomplished, but when I looked in the mirror I realized that it was way too much.

So heres my advice. Strike a balance when it comes bracelet layering. Although less is more has never exactly been my motto when it comes to accessorizing, sometimes what looks great in pictures looks not so great in person.

Some examples

^ too much

^ just right

^ too much

^ just right

^ too much…

^ just right

^ -or- get the same style with a cuff! seems like a fun diy project to me

(if crafts aren’t your thing, go visit:

Remember this: too much chunk = too much. If you want to wear more rather than less, use skinnier bracelets – this will help keep it classy

Layer on ladies! xoxo