Back to Basics

Neutrals are my favorite fashion staples, not only because they are easy to mix and match, but they allow you to be the statement, rather than your clothes. Here are some ideas:

Light neutrals are a great transition from spring to summer. I particularly love the tight dress with the oversized, asymmetrical cut sweater. I would wear platforms just to make the shoes look less painful, but hey, to each his or her own.

Another tight dress from American Apparel with an oversized cardi. Simple, basic, yet chic.


This neutral maxi is stunning on its own, but the statement belt, fun necklace, and oversized ring only enhance the look.


Feel free to experiment with jewelry, hair, and makeup when you stick to the basics!




Phew! It has been a white since I have written – my apologizes! Well, since my last post I have officially become a college graduate (grad pic of me and my boy below), and moved back home to NJ. I miss Burlington dearly, but I have plans with my boyfriend to travel out west at the end of the summer to catch the end of the Phish summer tour. I have never been to Cali, but have been drawn to the state for as long as I can remember. Perhaps I will find my new home out there? But in the meantime, I suppose I need to finish unpacking the last four years of my life into one tiny room…. But enough about me, lets talk bling!

One of my guiltiest pleasures is my love for oversized fashion items. From tops, to scarves, even hats – the bigger the better! Recently, I have been applying this to my jewelry as well. Statement necklaces are my new fav, but I also have been experimenting with extra large earrings. As for piercings, I have two holes in both ears, top cartilage pierced on my right ear, and my lower rook on the left. I have always tried to be mindful of not going over the top with ear accessories, because keeping it classy is key, but recent trends and inspiration have proved that it may be possible to do both!

Pearls are usually a little to preppy for my personal taste, but this bold look takes them from safe to fashion forward. Yes, they make a statement – but I think it’s a pretty trendy one. Best part is, fake pearls are easy to find and usually quite affordable!

The coral and turquoise colors are right on target when it comes to “it colors” this summer. I like that the first hole is the statement earring, while all the others just compliment it.

Not gonna lie, the first time I saw this photo I wanted to run down to the piercing salon and get my ears pierced all the way up exactly like this. I exercised self control, but I still think this look is awesome and so different. The reason this works is because the earrings are all small, fairly simple studs (with the exception of the small hoop). Since I love big hoops and elaborate earrings I don’t know that I would be able to pull this off, but I still adore it!

Last but not least. I love this idea because it is understated and chic. It doesn’t make a huge statement, but it is still fun and adventurous. I am thinking about going for it.

What do you all think? xoxo

My Favorite New Accessory: Hamsa Bracelet

I would like to thank The Nautical Wheeler for providing me with a beautiful new bracelet, perfect for stacking or wearing alone. Not only are the designs unique, versatile, and handmade, but they are also totally affordable. I purchased this Hamsa Bracelet in gold (silver is also available), and there is also a black version if blue isn’t for you. Thank you Jen, from The Nautical Wheeler once again! Here are some ways I plan on wearing this new addition to my jewelry collection:

Looks great on it’s own

Stacked with wooden and antique beads for a boho style

Stacked with gold and druzy for a glam style


Stacked Bracelets: How much is too much?

So here I am, going off on another Pinterest rant. I can’t lie, every time I see one of those pictures of bangles, watches, and shiny jewels all stacked miles high, the only thing I can think is “WHERE CAN I GET ALL OF THESE?!?!?”

However, I was playing around at work with our jewelry today (we have everything from bangles, to stretchy beaded bracelets, to leather cuffs), and I attempted to emulate some of my favorite Pinterest photos. I felt so accomplished, but when I looked in the mirror I realized that it was way too much.

So heres my advice. Strike a balance when it comes bracelet layering. Although less is more has never exactly been my motto when it comes to accessorizing, sometimes what looks great in pictures looks not so great in person.

Some examples

^ too much

^ just right

^ too much

^ just right

^ too much…

^ just right

^ -or- get the same style with a cuff! seems like a fun diy project to me

(if crafts aren’t your thing, go visit:

Remember this: too much chunk = too much. If you want to wear more rather than less, use skinnier bracelets – this will help keep it classy

Layer on ladies! xoxo

My new obsession: Polyvore

I recently discovered Polyvore, and the “create a style collage” feature. I can’t believe this hasn’t been thought of sooner! Sometimes I hesitate from making a purchase if I can’t picture it fitting into my wardrobe. Not only does Polyvore allow to you create your own look – from clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, jewelry, and even beauty – but it also enables you to envision your creation based on items that you already own. 


Another great feature of Polyvore – it tells you where to find items you’ve selected in your style collage. There’s nothing I hate more than seeing an adorable outfit on a website or blog, but then having no clue where to find it. So what are you waiting for? It’s like a virtual dress up game filled with real items – Barbie for grown ups!

Trend Watch: Statement Necklaces

I’ve always had a thing for oversized jewelry. If you haven’t picked up on this by now, I love to accessorize, a lot! Statement necklaces have been popping up all over recently, and even though necklaces are actually my least favorite jewelry item to indulge in (I usually just find one that blends with my outfit, or don’t wear one at all), I can’t help but be swept up in the statement necklace wave myself. I bought this turquoise necklace from JCrew, and I can’t wait to pair it with a black romper and some cognac wedges!

When wearing a statement necklace remember these simple rules:

1) Keep the rest of the outfit basic. If you have a million other things going on, it will overwhelm the look. I suggest plain colored fabrics, but if you do want to go for a print, think about doing a simple stripe. Nothing too busy. Also, don’t overdo the makeup. The eye won’t know what to focus on if it’s torn between your tricolor eyeshadow and the bold jewels sitting right beneath your head. My personal favorite makeup look to pair this trend with is top eyeliner (maybe with a little wing), and a little mascara on top and bottom.

2) Include other accessories with a critical eye. If you’re wearing a statement necklace, it is probably not the day to wear your scarf headband, chunky bangles, or have your fingers filled with rings. I do think a simple, skinny headband could work, a couple bangles, and maybe one ring on each hand (or just one oversized ring, if you have to – the proportions could compliment those of the necklace, just make sure the styles compliment each other).

3) Experiment with color. If you are ready to make a bold fashion decision, go all the way! This spring it’s all about color, color, color! From neons to pastels, there is sure to be a statement necklace that enables you to either take a fashion risk, or stay in your comfort zone. Adding color on your neck will brighten your eyes, and draw attention to your best quality – your face!

Happy experimenting, xoxo