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This is the end, beautiful friends…

Man oh man. I just took my last exam of my undergraduate career today. I have a final presentation tomorrow afternoon, actually based on my upcycled line, renamed Little Green Dress (I will post a link to the website when it’s up and running), and then I am finished with college academia. I felt strangely nostalgic walking around campus today, and  for the first time it truly hit me – “where the hell the last four years go?” In high school it was all about finally escaping to college, to another place away from home. Every time I went back to NJ for thanksgiving or winter break, I always knew that Burlington would be right there waiting for me to get back. Now this whole life here that has been built, with friends who have become family, experiences that have moved me forever, and an education that has completely changed my view on the world, will all come to a close on May 20th. I saw this quote and thought that nothing could be more suiting.

I know it sounds like I’m like, super depressed and everything, but I’m not. I really am ready to move on and see what else this world has to offer. It’s just strange because as I walked passed my old dorms, all of the memories hit me like a ton of bricks. I can’t believe I haven’t realized the intensity of this moment until just today. I truly do understand now why everyone said to me, “enjoy it and don’t take it for granted, because they’re the best years of your life”. I just rolled my eyes and thought, “oh yeah? then you write my midterm paper”. well, they were right. I know that this is a fashion blog, but I just felt that this huge life change deserves some recognition, as it is kind of all I can think about at the moment.



Chanel can be Boho, too!

I should probably be sleeping. I completed a culminating assignment in one sitting today, on my floor, surrounded by clothes, soil (one of my hanging plants fell), my bunny hopping all over me, and all of my pillows (5 to be exact). Now I am completely finished with the class that the assignment was for, which is such a relief, because it was online, and online classes aren’t really my thing (I rely on participation and silliness probably too often…). BUT ANYWAY, here is just my final thought before my fried brain slips into slumber.

The universes have aligned – it’s Chanel, in boho! I’m not sure if this would be as easy to pull off as it looks in this photo, but damn, do I wish I had the chance to try. The lace shirt really does me in, I’m obsessed. Anyway, I am finished with academia (possibly forever…) on Wednesday! This is all too weird. I have presentations tomorrow and Wednesday, and an exam Tuesday. Three more “to do”s. Where did  the past 4 years go? I’ll try to keep the posts coming through the final stretch! xoxo

Boho Chic: Hair Version

If you haven’t been able to tell, I’ve been rather into posting about hair recently. I’m not sure why, but perhaps it has something to do with the fact that in the past month I reclaimed my light blonde locks after letting my friend from work dye me dark brown. Being brunette was fun, but I am just blonde at heart. Now that I am back to “normal”, I am still trying to find ways to keep my hairstyles interesting. So, with my upcoming summer presenting a flux of hippie shows and nomadic behavior, I figure that this hair post has only one destiny: boho chic.

This is my favorite. The flowers are girly yet hippie couture. Although Nicole’s hair was obviously teased and styled by professionals, it is still reminiscent of what mine looks like after a few days without a hairbrush. Take home point – get or make a flower headpiece.

Never underestimate the power of a hairband. When I have no clue what to do with my hair, or my outfit feels bland, a simple band like this one spices things up a bit. Not only does it tame crazy locks, but it also allows you to add some volume on top.

Tie up a low pony with some pizazz. A low ponytail will always work, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve showered. Taking that pony to the next level is a sure way to make it go from boring, to totally bohemian/festy chic. You can easily make your own hairpiece by weaving some beads into string, or even re-purpose an old necklace.


My Favorite New Accessory: Hamsa Bracelet

I would like to thank The Nautical Wheeler for providing me with a beautiful new bracelet, perfect for stacking or wearing alone. Not only are the designs unique, versatile, and handmade, but they are also totally affordable. I purchased this Hamsa Bracelet in gold (silver is also available), and there is also a black version if blue isn’t for you. Thank you Jen, from The Nautical Wheeler once again! Here are some ways I plan on wearing this new addition to my jewelry collection:

Looks great on it’s own

Stacked with wooden and antique beads for a boho style

Stacked with gold and druzy for a glam style


The new way to truly color your hair.

Quite obviously, for the first time in my lifetime, colored hair is major in fashion. I personally don’t think I’m cool enough to pull it off, but I think it looks great on a lot of girls. I’ve been seeing a lot of steaks, dyed ends, and even entire heads (a la, Kelly Osbourne). I was actually really surprised to see a super conservative girl in one of my classes come in with a pink streak. Here are some pictures that I think are pretty, and would be my inspiration if I ever found the courage to embrace this trend.

The colors are reminiscent of a beach, while her retro style takes this took beyond trendy, into something really unique. Perfect hairdo as well.

Subtle strand placement with vibrant color! Love the addition of the braid. Looks great on this brown tone. Edgy but still pretty and feminine.

I just LOVE the colors. Once again reminiscent of the beach (can you tell I’m ready for summer?), but the styling makes this look so much more bohemian and carefree.

Whole head of pastels! This is for the risk takers out there, and I love it! The subtle ombre and not-so-vibrant colors make this less over the top, and more fashion forward.

In conclusion, colored hair can be fierce and badass, as well as soft and girly. It all depends on how you integrate your personal style into your ‘do. I’m curious, would any of you consider adding a pop of color to your luscious locks? Please share! xoxo

My love affair with Chanel

Let me begin by saying this, which you may or may not believe after reading this post, but, I DO NOT advocate spending a million trillion dollars on something simply because it is an upscale designer brand. If you love it for other reasons (really), then maybe. However, my one and only exception to this rule is Chanel. Oh my, something about it – the 2.55 in particular – is so beyond classic. It just makes me have a total Zoe Moment (my friends coined the term, “zoeing out”. I am the only one who this phrase is used for, though…).

I am almost at a loss for words trying to express my feelings for this bag, as it is impossibly chic. If I had endless dollars I can tell you all, I would own one in every color.

My aunt is way too kind, and got me the classic black and gold for graduation (I am more of a gold girl than silver). I told her not to send it up to me here in BTV, as Chanel doesn’t really fit into the style profile around here. Not that has ever stopped me before.. but this bag is something special, and I feel like I won’t truly be deserving of it until I reach that next level of maturity that comes along when it is no longer socially acceptable to get sloshed every weekend on rum, blast Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe (hey, cool name), and make random friends on the streets of Burlington at 2 am. Then I will be Chanel ready!

xoxo, fashionistas


Not only do I think Vanessa Hudgens is just simply beautiful, I also adore her style. This is not only because she rocks boho chic quite often, but because she is petite like me, and not stick thin. Let’s face it – most of the time we look at clothes (except for at a store), we are looking at them on rail thin, 6 ft tall women. If your body is shaped like this naturally, good for you. But mine is certainly not, and I don’t actually know anybody who’s is. So, for all those petite ladies out there (i’m only 5’0 without heels – yes, I’m very tiny!), lets all take a tip or two from V. Hudg…

-Casual but trendy. Smaller girls need to be careful with super high boots/socks, so the best way to balance it out? Short shorts! The denim and low-key olive green jacket helps this look stay classy rather than trashy. 

-Oversized and slouchy is one of my favorite looks. I always joke that I love to wear oversized things because I’m so small. But you know what, it does work. Keep your eye on length and proportions and your good to go.

-I love that Vanessa rocks maxis even though she is petite. I do the same, and I don’t care if it’s not what low quality fashion magazines tell us is okay, I think it looks fine if the dress/skirt fits properly. I own that shirt (Jen’s Pirate Booty), and love pairing it with a flowy skirt such as this one. Boho chic at it’s finest!

-Nothing lengthens your legs like some good old high waisted pants. I like that she chooses a wide leg, so that the proportions work (I’ve said it once, and I’m saying it again – proportions, proportions, proportions!). Be mindful of what you wear on top, because high waist means a shorter torso.

Good luck to all my fellow shorties out there! xoxo