This is the end, beautiful friends…

Man oh man. I just took my last exam of my undergraduate career today. I have a final presentation tomorrow afternoon, actually based on my upcycled line, renamed Little Green Dress (I will post a link to the website when it’s up and running), and then I am finished with college academia. I felt strangely nostalgic walking around campus today, and  for the first time it truly hit me – “where the hell the last four years go?” In high school it was all about finally escaping to college, to another place away from home. Every time I went back to NJ for thanksgiving or winter break, I always knew that Burlington would be right there waiting for me to get back. Now this whole life here that has been built, with friends who have become family, experiences that have moved me forever, and an education that has completely changed my view on the world, will all come to a close on May 20th. I saw this quote and thought that nothing could be more suiting.

I know it sounds like I’m like, super depressed and everything, but I’m not. I really am ready to move on and see what else this world has to offer. It’s just strange because as I walked passed my old dorms, all of the memories hit me like a ton of bricks. I can’t believe I haven’t realized the intensity of this moment until just today. I truly do understand now why everyone said to me, “enjoy it and don’t take it for granted, because they’re the best years of your life”. I just rolled my eyes and thought, “oh yeah? then you write my midterm paper”. well, they were right. I know that this is a fashion blog, but I just felt that this huge life change deserves some recognition, as it is kind of all I can think about at the moment.



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