The new way to truly color your hair.

Quite obviously, for the first time in my lifetime, colored hair is major in fashion. I personally don’t think I’m cool enough to pull it off, but I think it looks great on a lot of girls. I’ve been seeing a lot of steaks, dyed ends, and even entire heads (a la, Kelly Osbourne). I was actually really surprised to see a super conservative girl in one of my classes come in with a pink streak. Here are some pictures that I think are pretty, and would be my inspiration if I ever found the courage to embrace this trend.

The colors are reminiscent of a beach, while her retro style takes this took beyond trendy, into something really unique. Perfect hairdo as well.

Subtle strand placement with vibrant color! Love the addition of the braid. Looks great on this brown tone. Edgy but still pretty and feminine.

I just LOVE the colors. Once again reminiscent of the beach (can you tell I’m ready for summer?), but the styling makes this look so much more bohemian and carefree.

Whole head of pastels! This is for the risk takers out there, and I love it! The subtle ombre and not-so-vibrant colors make this less over the top, and more fashion forward.

In conclusion, colored hair can be fierce and badass, as well as soft and girly. It all depends on how you integrate your personal style into your ‘do. I’m curious, would any of you consider adding a pop of color to your luscious locks? Please share! xoxo


2 thoughts on “The new way to truly color your hair.

  1. Great images. You can start by getting clip ons to see how it looks. There’s also temporary products. I dyed my hair purple in ninth grade but I don’t see myself embracing this trend.

    • clip ons is a great idea! oh goodness, 9th grade. I didn’t dye my own hair pink, but for april fools day that year I dyed my dog pink! this was obviously before I understood the dangerous toxins that reside in hair dye, but still a funny story. thanks for reading, xoxo

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