Tag Game

Carrie from StilishBabe included me in this game, and although I don’t have the time to fully participate, I thought the first question would be a fun one to answer, along with the personal question she tagged me in. Please check out her blog if you are interested in participating in this game. This is my official “tag” to all of my wonderful followers!

Q : What is the time period, as far as style goes, that you would have most loved, and which one would you have most hated? Why?

The time period best suit for me is definitely the current one! I love being able to draw inspiration from ALL the different eras when it comes to fashion. From the flapper-esque dresses of the 20s, to the bohemian flare of the 60s and early 70s, to the flannel and grunge of the 90s. I love having all of that inspiration in my back pocket. As for a time period that I would probably least enjoy being restricted to, I would have to say the 50s. Although the femininity of the dresses were cute, the patterns and collars aren’t particularly for me. My mom has a ton of vintage dresses from the 50s, and they all look awful on my body-type. I also don’t like this particular decade’s mentality of the woman being well dressed, yet expected to stay at home to cook and clean.

Q: Cea Green: What made you want to become a fashion blogger? Was it on a list you wanted to do or what?

Well, hearing myself identified as a “fashion blogger” is still new and exciting. I took a course last semester called Media Literacy and the Environment, where we had to make personal blogs, so I learned about how to make one that appeals to a particular audience. That blog was only for posts regarding classwork, but I felt comfortable using the blogosphere. Next, there is my passion for fashion (ha). I am obsessed. I love to shop, explore, as well as just admire and learn more about style. I realized that I have so much to say about it, and could probably offer some pretty good advice. All of my friends and roommates always come rushing to me asking me to dress them or approve their outfits. I’m no Rachel Zoe (though I’d like to be), but I figured, if I can help them, maybe I am worthy of my own blog dedicated to my perspective on fashion. No, this blog hasn’t been a long, thought out plan of mine – but it was a spark that ignited, and became something that I find really creatively stimulating, and something that I hope can lead me somewhere someday in the fashion world.



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