News flash: this is a fashion blog (just incase you haven’t figured that out by now). But hair and beauty are just as crucial to looking great as your fabulous Mink Pink dress and Sam Edelmans. I have been crazy busy with school work (I have 2 weeks left of my college career – freak me out a little more please), and haven’t had time to give you all my super passionate rants about clothes, jewelry, and the destruction of female body image projected through media. SO, let’s talk hair…

Volume. I can’t get enough of it. Period. Since teasing isn’t so great for your hair, I like to mix epsom salts with water in a sprits bottle, and blow dry with my head upside down. A little hairspray and you’ve got yourself some va va volume!

Headbands. Seriously, they are just so cute. And my number one go to in the spring/summer when I don’t have time to wash my hair… or put effort into making it look nice. They are so versatile, and you can make your own out of fabric scraps (upcycling!)

Crown braids. Love this because you can sleep in it and it will stay in for days. Talk about eliminating prep time. Combine with some curls, volume, or a ponytail and you’ve got yourself a great hairstyle.

The sock bun: This is what sits atop my head as I type. Another quick, easy, yet looks like you put in a lot of effort hairstyle. There are tons of tutorials online, and now you finally have something to do with all of your old socks who lost their soul mates.

The “de-poofed” poof. Snooki did not ruin it for all of us. Subtract about a gallon of hairspray and you can still rock this look with respect. I have been doing this since I was like 12, and I refuse to stop because of some ignorant MTV show.


Hope this post has been a source of inspiration for you all, xoxo


8 thoughts on “Hair!

    • Hey Karen, I think you’re blog is adorable. I am now following and can’t wait to start reading. My blog is only a couple weeks old as well, so we’re in the same boat! xoxo

    • oh girl i feel ya – sometimes it looks horrific (if your like me and have long hair it can be frustrating), but usually by the time i roll it all the way down its manageable. or at least nothing a few bobby pins can’t fix, ha! xoxo

      • new update on the epsom salts: my hairstylist was not happy when i told her i was doing this. she said it is only going to dry out my hair 😦 crap – it works so well! i figure its not terrible to do once in a while, but definitely not regularly if you want to maintain luscious locks. my new suggestion, find yourself a few great volumizing gels/ sprays/ whatever, that are made with safe ingredients (google search EWGs skin deep database) and change them up so your hair doesn’t get used to a particular one and stop responding.

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