So, I don’t know where I have been since this happened, but I just recently found out that a while back Urban Outfitters released a shirt stating, “EAT LESS”. I know that I’m late in the game, but I just had to give them a piece of my mind.

Here’s what I e-mailed:

I must say that I am completely appalled by the “eat less” shirt that I have seen buzzing around the internet. I understand that this was almost 2 years ago, but I still feel the need to say something. Real women have real curves, and that is sexier than anorexic skeletons walking the street trying to imitate what the media, AND YOUR CLOTHING, is telling them is attractive . Women of all ages see these images, images of women who do not even exist in reality, and make it their top priority to look just like them – to reach an unattainable goal of perfection. Unattainable because the image they strive to replicate was not made in nature, but on a computer screen.
I literally just spent around $100 at one of your stores yesterday, and now I feel like I am morally obliged to take everything back. As a LONG TIME customer of Urban Outfitters (like when the only major stores were located in NYC), I can guarantee that you have lost me as a costumer if you do not do something to abolish the message that this shirt, and your clothing promotes (let’s get real, your clothes are not made to fit curvy women. I am naturally petite, but I have seen my close friends have breakdowns in your stores regarding their body image because of how the clothes fit… or don’t fit). How about a shirt that says “love yourself” – isn’t that the type of message you want your company to represent?

p.s. Have you ever thought about how many people in our own country and globally actually don’t have enough food to sustain themselves? The insensitivity and ignorance behind this shirt goes way deeper than maybe you realized. Save your “sincere” apology, I don’t want it. I want action, and now.

p.s.s. Don’t tell me this is to promote the decrease of obesity in our country, because that’s bullshit.

Sorry, I just felt the need to share. I am a bit fired up and I just want as many people as I can rally to be activists on behalf of our bodies, our health, and our rights as women! xoxo

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