Photoshopping: when too far has gone far enough

Now I promised you all a fashion blog, and I don’t plan on straying from that promise. But I also feel the need to address the unspoken horrors that hide behind our Chanel bags and Dolce Vita dresses. If you have read my about me, you know I am big into women’s rights. It makes me so sick how the fashion industry has distorted our perception of how we are supposed to look. This image of Jennifer Lawrence, who I think has a fantastic body, really disturbed me, and thus inspired me to write this post.

From what I read, she was rather unhappy with the results of the editing. Imagine going into a photo-shoot and feeling great about how you look, and then seeing the end result – a photo that hardly resembles your natural form. It’s like being told that you are simply not good enough the way you are. Personally, I think she looks better before the editing. No, she is not stick thin. She is a real woman, with real curves, and she looks damn sexy. What gets me even more upset is that women of all ages see these images, images of women who do not even exist in reality, and make it their top priority to look just like them – to reach an unattainable goal of perfection. Unattainable because the image they strive to replicate was not made in nature, but on a computer screen. I highly suggest this short video. And please, don’t be afraid to speak up on these issues.



12 thoughts on “Photoshopping: when too far has gone far enough

  1. This is REALLY sad. As much as I love fashion and fashion photography, it pains me to see the underlying messages that this industry conveys to women and girls.

  2. I adore Jennifer Lawrence. I was reading interviews and articles about her because I’m a Hunger Games fan and wanted to know more about her. She had some real good quotes and messages, such as she doesn’t encourage dieting, but enjoys walking and other phsyical activties. She also said, “I could never be a model because I like food too much.” This comment made me laugh and then I though even social norms of modeling (having to be supper skinny) influence her.

    • yeah, i like her messages as well. i also think she hilarious. it’s nice to see a real woman getting so much media attention. and its also encouraging that so many young girls will be looking up to her. even if it helps just one girl or woman feel more secure about their bodies (whether their curvy, naturally thin, whatever), than thats great. xoxo

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