Glitter nails – no or go?

Pinterest has proven to be my new favorite social media tool. Not only is it a great way to find new products, recipes, and pictures that I would never find otherwise, it has also given me resources and inspiration for tons of beauty tricks. Any of you who spend time pinning know that there is no shortage of nail-polish pictures floating around. One of the most prominent trends I’ve been noticing is glitter nail polish.



I think it’s cute, but I can’t help but wonder if this is one of those trends that I am going to look back on in a few months and wonder, “why did I do that?”. My boyfriend seems to think that I’m trying to relive my pre-teen days via my nails, but personally, I think the impermanent nature of nail polish allows room for some playfulness. I’m curious – what do you all think about the glitter nail fad? Is it a go, or a no?



10 thoughts on “Glitter nails – no or go?

  1. I love glitter nails. I’m actually wearing a solid black coat with purple and blue glitter. I think that what determins if they are acceptable or not depends on the color and the amount. I usually paint the tips with glitter so it has a french maniqure vibe or just paint one nail with glitter. Either way, there’s no shame.

  2. I like glitter nails but for certain occasions. On New Year’s Eve I used a liquid gold nail polish (lanesborough place from nails inc.) covered by a layer of “as gold as it gets” from Essie. It looks really cool when the light hits it.
    Pinterest is the greatest! I’ve found a ton of inspiration there.
    Take care 🙂

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