Trend Watch: Statement Necklaces

I’ve always had a thing for oversized jewelry. If you haven’t picked up on this by now, I love to accessorize, a lot! Statement necklaces have been popping up all over recently, and even though necklaces are actually my least favorite jewelry item to indulge in (I usually just find one that blends with my outfit, or don’t wear one at all), I can’t help but be swept up in the statement necklace wave myself. I bought this turquoise necklace from JCrew, and I can’t wait to pair it with a black romper and some cognac wedges!

When wearing a statement necklace remember these simple rules:

1) Keep the rest of the outfit basic. If you have a million other things going on, it will overwhelm the look. I suggest plain colored fabrics, but if you do want to go for a print, think about doing a simple stripe. Nothing too busy. Also, don’t overdo the makeup. The eye won’t know what to focus on if it’s torn between your tricolor eyeshadow and the bold jewels sitting right beneath your head. My personal favorite makeup look to pair this trend with is top eyeliner (maybe with a little wing), and a little mascara on top and bottom.

2) Include other accessories with a critical eye. If you’re wearing a statement necklace, it is probably not the day to wear your scarf headband, chunky bangles, or have your fingers filled with rings. I do think a simple, skinny headband could work, a couple bangles, and maybe one ring on each hand (or just one oversized ring, if you have to – the proportions could compliment those of the necklace, just make sure the styles compliment each other).

3) Experiment with color. If you are ready to make a bold fashion decision, go all the way! This spring it’s all about color, color, color! From neons to pastels, there is sure to be a statement necklace that enables you to either take a fashion risk, or stay in your comfort zone. Adding color on your neck will brighten your eyes, and draw attention to your best quality – your face!

Happy experimenting, xoxo


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