How to master bohemian chic

I’m not going to lie; some of my favorite looks are totally boho, loose, and oversized. I don’t necessarily believe that in order to be classy and put together you need to be strutting around in stiletto heels and a Chanel bag (not that I have anything against stilettos, or Chanel…).

My closet is filled with a plethora of clothes. From frilly, girly frocks, to tight sexy “night out” dresses, to soft sweaters that look effortless with a pair of leggings and some great boots. Still, my signature style has, and probably always will be “boho chic”. Not only does it allow you to be super comfy, but it never goes out of style.

Living in Burlington, I have seen hippie fashion go wrong way too many times. A lot of girls want to add that 60s flare to their wardrobe, but end up looking like they’ve been teleported directly from Woodstock. Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to get boho chic right:

1) Mix and match. Have a great tie dye scarf? Use it to spice up a basic outfit, or use it in your hair. Pair your flowy maxi skirt with some chic shades, or a classy watch. Wear your fringe boots with a mini dress. If your experiencing fashion block (like writers block, but obviously far more severe), pair chunky jewelry with leggings and a tank – instant boho! Just because you are drawing inspiration from a certain era, doesn’t mean you need to completely commit to it. This can mean the difference between classy and costumey.

2) Blend the old with the new. One of my favorite ways to rock the boho look is to update it with some current fashion trends. Incorporate a tribal print wedge (I am seeing them everywhere this season), or synch your maxi dress with a neon colored belt. Buy a maxi with cut outs or an open back. You can hold on to the effortlessness of the style while keeping up with what’s new in fashion.

3) Don’t ignore the details. Even though your new feather earrings may be cute, they may be the piece that takes your outfit too far. We’ve all had days when we’ve gotten a little carried away with achieving a desired look. Think about what your not so fashion savvy friend, boyfriend, dad, second cousin twice removed – whatever – would say. Would they think you look great, or would they make an embarrassing comment about how you look “straight outta the 60s”? If your not sure what going too far is, look at some of your friends Facebook pictures from Halloween; there is guaranteed to be someone dressed up like a hippie. DON”T DRESS LIKE THEM. Avoid boho stereotypes unless you are positive that they are subtle enough for you to pull off.

Good luck to all you boho fashionistas out there, xoxo

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